Amy Winehouse

Amy Winehouse Tribute Act

Amy Winehouse Tribute

I started injecting Amy Winehouse into my covers set late 2007, starting with Back to Black. This soon became the most requested song, so I slowly began to intruduce more and more Amy Winshouse songs into my cover singing. I did actually find them some of the hardest songs to get to grips with, but fantastic once I’d mastered them. So many people started requesting my Amy Winehouse covers and people were always telling me this is what I should be doing, concentrating on being an Amy Winehoue Tribute act.

My Amy Winehouse Tribute Act Was Born…

So this is what I did. Spent longer and longer concentrating on getting Amy’s fantastic, emotional music perfect. She was extremely popular and this extended into my career too, most of the bookings I was taking were for my Amy Winehouse Tribute act, not just cover singing. Winning the Mid-Counties Entertainment Council’s award for my Amy Winehouse Tribute Act (in 2011) was just the cheery on the cake, I love being Amy, simple.

Amy Winehouse Tribute Song List:

  • Back to Black
  • Rehab
  • Valerie
  • Addictid
  • Love is a Losing Game
  • You Know I’m No Good
  • Tears Dry on Their Own
  • Cupid
  • Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow
  • Our Day Will Come
  • Just Friends
  • Me & Mr Jones

I love being Amy, we all know the troubles she had, but the music she wrote was fuelled by this and Amy Winhouse will live on forever in our hearts and especially mine. I still get goose pimples when i am singing some of her songs, such is the passion she made with her music.

To contact me or find out more information on my Amy Winehouse Tribute Act, click here.  Whether it is for a corportae event, club or anything else, I will truly give you an Amy experience you have to see and hear to believe.

Naturally, Amy Winehouse

I didn’t need to do much more apart from learning Amy’s songs perfectly, I already had black, thick hair, dark eyes and olive skin. My tattoos are all real (I don’t have stencils and made up tatttoos for my Amy Winehouse Tribute Act), they are not the same as Amy’s, it’s just the rock chick in me! But as you can see, I’m naturally like Amy.

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